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We have been helping people care for their eyes for over 27 years.

The Cambridge Institute for Better Vision was founded in 1976 by Martin Sussman. The first offering was the EYECLASSES Vision Seminar, a weekend vision training that is still in demand.

Since then the Cambridge Institute for Better Vision has offered more than 500 lectures, seminars and workshops.

The president of the Cambridge Institute for Better Vision, Martin Sussman, is also the author of The Program for Better Vision book and audiotape series, co-developer of The Read Without Glasses Method, co-author of Total Health at the Computer (with Dr. Ernest Loewenstein and Howard Sann) and audio-author of numerous additional audiotapes, including The Advanced BetterVision Tape Set.

Called "a real pro" by NBC Today and "an expert" by CNN News, Mr. Sussman has appeared on radio and TV over 50 times. His appearance on CNN made "broadcast history": It was the first instance that a segment from "News from the World of Medicine" was re-broadcast.

Mr. Sussman, not an optometrist or an ophthalmologist, is a natural vision care expert. He goes beyond the medical and mechanical models of vision, believing instead that vision is profoundly affected by the mind, body, emotions and spirit.